Our Mission

The CE Group has specialized in creative bravery for the past 29 years. Through curated experiences, we are determined to push our creative bravery to a level never seen before, beyond the boundaries. We’ve curated some of San Antonio’s best one-of-a-kind experiences with the help of our committed clients and vendors. We are turning the tables to curate our own experiences, big and small, that urge you to disconnect in order to reconnect with yourself and the community around you. Makers curated experiences will shine a spotlight on visionaries, innovators, doers and experience Makers of San Antonio. Everyone is craving authentic connection. Let’s create it together.


Request for Makers

Do you have a unique space, one-of-a-kind product, or special talent? If you are interested in participating in a Makers Curated Experience, please leave your contact below, or email makers@cegroupinc.net.