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Women in the World - Texas

Services Provided: Event & Production Management / Public Relations & Marketing

Remarkable Women Share Empowering Stories at Women in the World - Texas

The salon-styled events assemble remarkable leaders such as Jill Biden, Eva Longoria, Gloria Steinem, and America Ferrera, as well as inspirational activists & political change-makers from all over the world. They all come to share their stories and offer solutions to building a better life for women and girls.

As the local event management and public relations agency in San Antonio, CE Group staffs the event, providing stage managers, talent wrangler and production assistants, coordinates and assists with audio/visual needs, infrastructure and programming and secures/manages all rentals, vendors, catering and subcontractors. CE also oversees guest relations to ensure attendees enjoy the event and manages the event’s publicity, working to share the terrific stories of Women in the World Texas.

"In October 2016, Women in the World returned to San Antonio for the 3rd Annual Women in the World Texas. CE Group, our first and only “go to” production partner, remains a force in the success of producing this influential showcase for women of impact – and for the men who champion them!

CE Group consistently delivers a solid team of smart, talented and dedicated professionals, led by the most generous, knowledgeable, influential and fearless female powerhouse, Janet Holliday. 

CE Group always gets the job done the right way while honoring budget guidelines and production values. Their resourcefulness and experience is a gift to our staff and conference. They consistently deliver. They are champions!"

Lorena Mann
Vice President, Operations & Production
Women in the World Media / Tina Brown Live Media