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H-E-B Celebrate Texas Tour

Services Provided: Event & Production Management

We know how to take it on the road

H-E-B wanted to “bring the party to the people” to fulfill incremental promotional funding from vendors, increase awareness of H-E-B brand and Texas roots and generate an event campaign focused on H-E-B and its Centennial.

  • Coordinated the World’s Largest Ultimate Smoker/Grill to feed hundreds of thousands of Texans who attended the festival, such as the Luling Watermelon Thump and the Mission Citrus Fest
  • Made more than 100 stops throughout the year with the Smoker and two parade floats
  • Surpassed incremental sales goal by $5 million
  • Met promotional funding goal with sponsors Kraft, ConAgra Foods, P&G, Coca Cola, Daymon Worldwide and Ford, allowing the committee to accomplish what it wanted to without financial constraint
  • Increased awareness of H-E-B brand and Texas roots
  • Improved employee morale, decreasing turnover, front-end complaints and increase in applications
  • 600 stories, 5,840 inches of print, 107 minutes of broadcast, 55 pages of magazine or online stories totaling a media value of $4.9 million