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Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort
Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort
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Carefully crafted, strategic public relations campaigns raise both media and consumer awareness of your business or product, while creating ongoing buzz to enhance your branding efforts.

Through detailed public relations plans and campaigns, The CE Group brings brands to life, defining your unique differentiators; communicating your mission and vision; bringing the faces of your team, culture, history, experience and services to the forefront; and putting everything together to tell your story.

Creative, effective written materials and a customized public relations plan will help market your product to targeted audiences, increase brand awareness and convey pertinent information in a clear, crisp manner. Through the power of rich storytelling, we will enable your customers, partners and the general public to notice you and take action to engage your brand, use your services and buy your product.

In addition to engaging with public audiences, it is critical for brands and businesses to connect with and nurture the media to generate favorable exposure. With 25 years of media relations experience, The CE Group has deeply-rooted relationships with local and regional media, and will work on your behalf to develop customized promotional plans to garner coverage opportunities.

We also recognize the significance for a business to align with like-minded community partners. For many businesses, building a role within the community and forging alliances with civic and private entities are key components to grasping opportunities and realizing growth and success. As your partner, The CE Group can connect your business with industry and civic leaders to open lines of communication and ignite opportunities.