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We have worked with Janet Holliday and The CE Group many times and we knew they would ‘get it’ when it came time to refresh and renew the fan experience for the Women’s Final Four.

Sue DonohoeNCAA Vice PresidentDivision I Women's Basketball
NCAA Women's Final Four Tourney Town
NCAA Women's Final Four Tourney Town
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Our goal is to create a fan experience that is driven from a fan perspective. Fans do not think about their experience from an organizational or sponsorship level. It is actually on a passionate, interactive and at times emotional level.

Some fans are tied to a specific team or some to the specific event, while for others it is about becoming a new fan; like a local person who wants to join in on the excitement. Whatever draws them, there must be an experience that is easy to access and offers choices of activity that do not compete, but work together in terms of location, timing and cost. Most of all – and hardest of all – is to create something that engages all fans collectively and yet is segmented to specific audiences as well as interests, etc. There is a clear cut evolution.

National Sports Marketing includes corporate brand positioning and product integration; national and international promotion and product management for teams, leagues, and events; positioning of athletes and sporting events to promote business in non-related industries; turnkey event operations and management.