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Special Olympics International Joe Jonas iWin Fun Run
Special Olympics International Joe Jonas iWin Fun Run
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What is event publicity anyway? The event itself is good PR, right? Not always. We think of events as corporate theater. Events provide businesses the opportunity to create a memorable experience with touches of glamour and drama.

We plan campaigns around the corporate identity since events should be designed to improve a company’s image. As we create events we think about the company’s key messages. How does this position your company to existing clients and new prospects? Is the theme appropriate, does the event “sell the experience?” Does it effectively brand your message?

The goal of event publicity is to inform and persuade. Because the use of special events is the fastest growing segment of the public relations strategy, it should be a part of the company’s overall marketing and PR strategy. Each event should have carefully planned objectives, just as an advertising or media relations campaign would. The CE Group helps companies create those objectives, outreach to media and consumers and ensures the execution stays in line with overall company goals.