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Introducing Goods Collective The CE Group's Newest Creative Services Division

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The CE Group, Inc., is proud to announce Goods Collective—a creative goods and services division. Whether a business is looking to develop a large-scale amenity program or a one-of-a-kind gift item, Goods Collective provides clever, unique opportunities to differentiate businesses from their competition by making an experience, event or impression memorable. Goods Collective holds the abilities and resources to visualize a company’s marketing messages, expanding them through a wide range of deliverables such as signage, corporate amenities, VIP gifts and event identity.

“I am so proud to introduce this new branch of the business,” said Janet Holliday, president and CEO of The CE Group. “Goods Collective embodies everything that The CE Group can provide from a creative services perspective. It’s about intuitive, creative marketing through effective brand management and strategy.”

Goods Collective employs a multi-dimensional approach when creating an identity. When a business has an existing brand, Goods Collective incorporates that brand into tangible and effective marks while making sure the brand standards are upheld, extending its longevity and maintaining its integrity. If a company does not have an existing look, Goods Collective can produce the overall corporate identity and brand application.

In addition, by sourcing the right goods for a company’s needs, Goods Collective creates unique gifts that make stakeholders, partners and clients feel appreciated and special. Goods Collective can also thread these items through an amenity campaign in which the brand identity is upheld through various products from start to finish.

“Goods Collective is the perfect partner for any company looking to create or enhance its brand,” explained Shane Kyle, Goods Collective manager. “We understand the importance of connecting the brand with the audience and achieve this by placing consistency in quality and brand management as the top priority.”

Learn more about Goods Collective at http://bit.ly/KLIZC1.